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Below you will find our most recent product reviews. The products we select to review are perfect for wildlife and nature lovers and make special gifts.  To see all our product reviews please click here. 

Mini Explorers

Below you will find our most recent reviews of products that are perfect for little explorers and help to nurture a love of nature and the great outdoors. To to see all our little explorer reviews please click here. 

Which Type of Garden Bird Food to Use

Watching garden birds feeding is a pleasurable way to spend time, their antics helping you to happily wile away the time. Although they are lovely to watch all year round it is especially nice to know that you are helping them to survive during the cold winter months when natural food is scarce, and helping them top up their energy reserves for the exhausting business of nesting and raising chicks during the spring.

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Best Mid-Price Range Binoculars

If you are ready to move on from budget or pocket binoculars, or like me you have a small cheap pair that you can carry with you all the time but also like a nicer, more expensive pair for holidays and trips to nature reserves then you will probably be considering...

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Best Budget Binoculars

Why Budget Binoculars are a Must! Budget binoculars are a great purchase not only as a ‘starter’ pair for those new to wildlife watching but also as a general, always–have–them–on–you pair. Budget binoculars tend to be smaller and lighter than more expensive ones that...

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Best Raincoats for Girls

As promised here is the follow up blog to Best Raincoats for Boys imaginatively titled ‘Best Raincoats for Girls.’ There has been a lot in the press and on TV in recent years about the pressures children face in the modern world. Many of these pressures...

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Best Raincoats for Boys

Help Kids Enjoy Being Outdoors In Any Weather This blog was supposed to be about the best raincoats for kids, covering both the best coats for girls and boys. However seeing how much I managed to write about boys raincoats alone I changed the title and will be...

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Best Binoculars for Children

Binoculars for children should be compulsory as far as I am concerned! Helping children to experience and enjoy the natural world is hugely important both for their well being and also for the protection of wild spaces in years to come.

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